"Dualist" (2015)

Style: Extreme Death Metal
Country: Belarus
Format: CD, 12 pages booklet
Limited Edition: 500 copy
Label: Nitroatmosfericum Records / More Hate Productions / RTM Productions
Price: 6$

Joint release of three labels at once: More Hate Productions (Russia), Nitroatmosfericum Records (Russia) и RTM Productions (Germany). The first full-format album of Belarussian extreme death metal band. The album's songs is a result of nearly 5-years work. It can be said that every part of the album musicians fully passed through themselves and now the result is on the disk to listen.

Stylistically it can be described as very energetic and diverse death metal with characteristic with characteristic for style dark energy, diluted with a large number of grooves, moods and cold industrial atmosphere. Speed, anger and brutality often interrupted midtempo passages or rapid guitar solos, complemented by dark electronic effects.

One of the advantages of the album is that all songs are individual and completely do not let listener be blue. In addition to the music lyrics tells about the inner struggle of a man at the critical moments of life, about how often we find the main enemy inside ourselves. The song "Waverly Hills Sanatorium" should also be mentioned. It tells about one of the most horrible places, the cradle of despair, fear and death.

Fans of Dying fetus, Decapitated, Aborted, fear factory, Gojira will appreciate the album at its true value.

01. Reaching To The God
02. Bloodwashed Being
03. Flawed Capital
04. Agonizing Globe
05. Verdict
06. Mass Defect
07. Waverly Hills Sanatorium
08. Day Of Reckoning
09. PsyDevastation 2.0
10. Internal Enemy