"Ave Nihil" (2015)

Style: Black Metal
Country: Russia
Format: Digipack + 8 pages booklet, CD + 8 pages booklet
Labels: Nitroatmosfericum Records / Red Rivet Records / RTM Productions
Limited Edition CD: 400 copy
Limited Edition Digipack CD: 100 copy
Price: 10 $

…in the place, where the Time stops, and the Space turns inside out, the Great Snake let its tale out from the teeth, and the Wheel discontinue spinning…Look in the Abyss and feel how your eyes become blind… Nothingness is coming!

Tenth anniversary the Gmork is celebrating by releasing of the third full-length album, named Ave Nihil. Seven hymns to the glory of Nothingness, edged with Intro and Outro. Burning icy black-metal with fully Russian lyrics and thought-out consept. Album was released with effort of NitroAtmosfericum records (Russia), RedRivet records (Japan) and RTM productions (Germany).

1. Intro
2. Коловращение
3. Истоки Талой Воды
4. Весна (Ближе к Корням)
5. Манифест Cилы
6. Бесконечное Увядание
7. Последний Корабль
8. Уроборос
9. Outro


Size: M, L, XL, XXL.
Price: 10$
Special pack - t-shirt + Digipack Gmork "Ave Nihil" - 15$



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