"Имя Моё" (2014)

Style: Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Country: Russia
Format: CD, 6-panel digipack
Limited edition: 100 copy

1. St.Temple
2. Квазимодо
3. Имя
4. Все Дороги Ведут в Город на Семи Холмах
5. Базальтовый Плеск
6. Пусть Станет Всё Моим Нежданным Солнцем
7. Королевство Крыс
8. Колыбель Бес-Cмертного Греха


"...from darkness of past as a sombre heap the castle Monsalvat arising." In some circles legendary band, which had found its own original style during longer than twenty years' history, recorded the first professional LP. True connoisseurs of music can not stay indifferent to eight bright, original and versatile tracks. Speed diversity from practically doom passages to furious blustbeat, mixture of melodic and techno, massive heaviness of guitar riffs and soaring acoustic parts - all these make music rarely picturesque, characterized as progressive melodic death by musicians themselves.
Per se, this release is a rethink of group's work and a fundamental step to further development. Album available in two variations: as a free supplement to new number of Requiem magazine and as a limited edition for music-hunters in six-panel digipack format.