"Death Spells Erotica" (2013)

Style: Melodic Black/Death Metal
Country: Russia
Format: CD, 8 pages booklet
Limited edition: 500 copy
Price: 6$

The second full-length album of "Gmork". It includes 10 compositions that were polished in many concerts of 2009-2011. The album is very eclectic and has both best speed tracks and more experimental atmospheric tracks as well. The concept is around two of man's stimulating powers in external conflict with each other and at the same time very close to each other - craving for Life and craving for Death.

1. DevilLady: In the Shadow of Her Hooves
2. Night And Darkness
3. Quae Sunt Caesaris Caesari
4. The Time When Your Autumn Comes
5. B.D.S.M
6. Fog of War
7. Already Dead
8. Sex Sex Sex/Six Six Six
9. The Art of Blood Hunting
10. God Of Thousand Wolves


Headbanger.ru (9/10)
Dark-world.ru (5/5)
Rockcor (5/5)
Dark City (4/5)
Terroraiser (9/10)